Open-source IT templates

Templates are key to improvement. Defining your templates help separate improvement conversations into two parts: the form, and the content. They are a great negotiation tool and they help people crystallize their thoughts.

However, when you’re first starting it’s hard to find good templates. Many vendors charge a lot of money for templates, in fact.

To that end, I’ve been building a small collection of IT templates that I’ve open-sourced. As of today there’s a project charter template, a work package template, an SLA and an SLA amendment template, a policy templatea travel and expense template, and a process improvement template based on last year’s “Riding the Maturity Model Wave” presentation.

The source for all these templates is actually Markdown, a simple text-based format. The source is then “compiled” into HTML and MS Word.

You’re welcome to use these templates as you see fit. If you’re interested, you can also contribute changes or new templates–either through github or email.