March 5 EDUCAUSE ITIL CG presentation on ITSM and IT governance

UPDATE: This presentation has happened; see the slides and related blog posts!

On March 5 at 3 PM ET, I’ll be presenting for the EDUCAUSE ITIL Constituent Group. The presentation’s called “Connecting ITSM to IT governance for better visibility, control, and buy-in.” The logistics including call-in information will be announced on the ITIL CG listserv. Here’s the presentation description:

IT governance helps customers and providers talk about value, costs, and risks–three key components in the definition of an IT service.

IT service management can support IT governance by making IT more transparent, by adding control points for governance, and by better connecting what IT does to what the institution most needs. Conversely, IT governance can support IT service management by advocating for IT services and by providing a high-level decision-making framework, firm commitments, policies, and architectural standards.

We’ll briefly review what IT governance is, and then talk about the role of specific IT service management processes in supporting IT governance–processes such as IT service portfolio management, IT financial management, IT supplier management, IT change management, and IT continual service improvement. We’ll also briefly introduce how COBIT 5 can help ITIL practitioners connect service management capabilities to IT governance.