ITIL Demand Management: why August is a bad time for a presentation

UPDATE: The presentation happened on August 7! Please see the presentation resources, including a copy of the presentation.

Next Wednesday August 7, 3-4 PM ET, I’ll be giving a presentation for the EDUCAUSE ITIL Constituent Group called “ITIL Demand Management: why August is a bad time for a presentation.” Here’s the description:

Demand management, the ITIL Service Strategy counterpoint to capacity management, explains a big part of why we’re all busy in August. This presentation will highlight the costs of ineffective demand management, connect ITIL demand management to the Lean manufacturing’s concept of “mura,” and then show techniques for how to understand and communicate demand to IT staff, how to plan for demand, and how to influence demand in a higher education environment.

The presentation should be recorded as well, and I’ll link to the recording once it’s available. The details of how to connect are not yet posted; you’ll hear the details of how to connect if you’re on the EDUCAUSE ITIL CG listserv.