My EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Agenda

Next week I’ll be presenting at EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional. As part of getting ready, I used EDUCAUSE’s great agenda-builder to mark presentations I’d like to attend.

Here’s the list so far!

(I reformatted my itinerary so it’d be easier to read.)


8:30 AM: Leadership Discussion: Identity and Access Management in Higher Education
9:45 AM: Benchmarking for CIOs
10:45 AM: The Higher Education CIO and Technology Leaders: Ten Years of Study
1:00 PM: They Just Don’t Get It: Seven Ways Geeks and Non-Geeks Can Get Along – Sponsored by Acquia
2:30 PM: People Skills: Creating Breakthrough Communication and Collaboration across Individuals, Teams, and Organizations
3:45 PM: A Transformational Leadership and Staff Development Program
4:45 PM: The Customer Has a Project: Now What?
5:30 PM: Reception


7:30 AM: Project Management
8:30 AM: Working as a System through the Collective Wisdom of Institutional CIOs
9:30 AM: Visibility into Your IT Department: Kennesaw State University’s Journey
10:45 AM: The 21st-Century IT Leadership Competency Model
11:45 AM: The Future Information Technology Workforce: IT Skills for the Future
12:30 PM: Lunch

1:30 PM: Poster sessions

2:30 PM: Problems Are Treasures: Building ITIL Problem Management and a Problem-Solving Culture
3:30 PM: It’s Your Career! Five Key Skills You Need to Get the Job and Keep It


8:30 AM: Building Services and Developing Relationships: From Clients to Collaborative Partners
9:30 AM: Creating a University IT Service Portfolio
10:30 AM: Generations in the Classroom: New Complexities in Teaching and Learning