Mapping the system of US higher education

I would like to build a high-level map of the system of US higher education. By system I mean Deming’s definition of a system: all the stakeholders involved in higher education and how they are related and work together.

This concept of understanding the system of higher education is in line with my earlier posts about the value of higher education for students and why a higher education IT blog is writing about non-IT topics.

To that end, here’s the rough draft as a starting point. I am sure I’ve left out many groups and relationships.

A whole bunch of circles connected together with arrows. Ask me and I'll send you the source file.
A map attempting to show the relationships between various institutional stakeholders in US higher education.

(In my first pass I included sub-groups too, e.g. faculty, staff, and administrators, but the graph became (more) unreadable.)

I fully expect this graph to grow iteratively. Please share any feedback and I’ll update the model!

Update: version 2 of the map.

One thought on “Mapping the system of US higher education

  1. I’d like to add third-party vendors, maybe something about study abroad, maybe something about the local community e.g. off-campus housing, something about on-line programs?

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