HEIT service: Custom engagements

As we grow, our services list now includes “custom engagements.” If you’ve read anything here and would like us to help your organization, we provide one-on-one coaching and also custom engagements. Basically, we can tailor a solution to your needs to support your IT improvements.

I believe very strongly that “change comes from within.” Outside consultants like us need to support you. That said, outside consultants can help.  You may need…

  • an experienced trainer who can handle difficult questions
  • someone who can understand people’s mental models and the differing perspectives that prevent people from understanding an improvement
  • an “outside expert” to legitimize your improvement
  • someone who can speak to how your improvement interacts with other areas of IT, e.g. how a project management improvement affects service management or IT governance
  • someone who can speak to non-technical audiences and technical audiences

We don’t (yet) have an automated intake process, but we’re happy to help!  Just email us!