Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!  Best wishes to you!

My 2013 is off to a fast start.  Last Wednesday, January 2, was my last day with Wake Forest University.  It was difficult to leave everyone–after nine years you get to know everyone working in a department, even if there are over 100 people!

I’m just beginning to build out the company.  Part of what we will offer is this blog–as a way to share good practice and success stories about IT management in higher education.  If you ever followed the “University ITSM” web site and blog, the content you’ll see here will be similar–except now it’s an express part of my job rather than a side-gig to improve higher education IT.

The first paid service we’ll offer is remote coaching.  If you would like coaching specifically about how to improve IT processes, services, or functions, please consider me as an option. If you are a “champion” for an improvement, I can help you understand how to integrate that improvement with other aspects of IT, and I can help you in reviewing and recommending an implementation approach. We could talk on an ad-hoc basis, for just an hour, or on a schedule, say once a month while you conduct the improvement.

This service will cost $200/hr for for-profit companies and $180/hr for not-for-profits.  Eventually there will be a clever way to order coaching, but for now if you’re interested please email me: info@heitmgt.com.