ISACA’s IT Balanced Scorecard

A balanced scorecard (BSC) looks at four dimensions of an organization: typically “Financial,” “Customer,” “Internal business process,” and “Learning and growth.”

Organizations build a BSC to review these four four areas, perhaps with key performance indicators (KPIs) to show progress. BSCs are a tool that can be used in strategic planning, as well as a tool by which to measure progress.

ISACA’s “IT Governance Domain Practices and Competencies: Measuring and Demonstrating the Value of IT” proposes an Information Technology BSC with these four dimensions:

  • Future Orientation
  • Operational Excellence
  • User Orientation
  • Business Contribution

in that order. ISACA states that one leads to the next: understanding mission and alignment of mission leads to understanding the IT processes that should be improved, which leads to a better focus on users, which leads to delivering outcomes to the business/non-IT people. 🙂