In FY12, 4.4% of Higher Education institutional budgets went to central Information Technology (source: EDUCAUSE 2012 CDS Executive Summary Report).

Administrative units need IT services to automate and streamline their work; academic units need IT services to teach more effectively, conduct new research, and teach to new types of students.

Despite the demand, few IT staff and fewer non-IT administrators have a background in IT management. It’s hard to know what IT is doing–much less how to engage IT and make sure resources are going towards what’s most important for campus.

Our company specializes in IT management for higher education: how people around campus, inside and outside of IT, can ensure that

  • new strategic initiatives are planned and completed (“IT project management“),
  • existing IT services work as expected, to minimize outages and reduce the cost of service (“IT service management“),
  • IT is doing what’s most effective, as determined by the overall institution (“IT governance“), and
  • IT is continually improving how it operates–working smarter, not harder (“IT process improvement”).

We also understand how to build support for organizational change within a higher education environment.

We can help by coaching you and your staff in IT management, providing direction and support for your improvements. We can also tailor an engagement to your needs–anything from a training workshop to an on-site assessment. Want to talk?