FIXME Project charter

Introduction and background

Institutional goal(s) and objective(s) to be realized from this project

Ideally, these goals and objectives are specific enough that they can be reviewed during and after the project to verify whether the goals and objectives were realized.


Once the milestones have been delivered, the project is complete.

Milestone name Milestone description

High-Level Risks

The below are known high-level risks that must be accounted for in this project:

High-Level Assumptions

The below are high-level assumptions for this project. If any of these assumptions are found to be incorrect, the project should be reviewed and possibly halted.


Person Role Description
FIXME Project manager Manages the project and escalates issues to the project sponsor
FIXME Project sponsor Involved in the project on a day-to-day basis; helps set direction
FIXME Project steering committtee High-level authorizers for the project who sign off on the charter and ensure the appropriate resources are available for the project. Available on a week-to-week basis.


If a change to the project charter is needed, it should follow the below escalation process:

  1. Project manager and project sponsor should discuss the change. If they agree the change is needed and does not place the project at risk, they may approve the change.

  2. Otherwise, the change should be escalated to the project steering committee.


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